Welcome to Lula! A fairtrade business with its roots in Colombia, and its home base in Naples, Florida. Be the first to see the season’s irresistibly stylish, handmade bags, from the Wayuu weavers of Guajira, Colombia.

At Lula, we believe that although ‘fairtrade’ certainly involves ‘price’, it goes beyond this to include efforts made to support fair practices, well-being, social and environmental justice, equity and inclusion, stewardship and democratic decision making.”

Thank you, for helping Lula help others. Without the Wayuu weavers, you wouldn’t be as fashionable =) Without you, the world would be a little more unjust.

As the world is currently in a moment of change, and in-person selling is not yet possible (or responsible!), you can find and order Lula’s products in the online store. Alternatively, you can send us a message on instagram, facebook, or through our contact page, to connect and inquire.

We invite you to be a part of the growing Lula community, and to extend the invitation to your friends and family- Lula products make the perfect birthday, wedding, graduation, holiday, thinking-of-you, and treat-yourself gifts.

Be sure to stop by Naples’ farmers markets beginning November 24th, 2020, to meet owner & operator, Diego, and try on Lula’s selection of unique artisan gifts.

Love my new Lula wrap. Great for black pants, jeans, or tights. Pair it with one of the beautiful Colombian bags. I’m addicted!!